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What is PositiveFeedback?

In December 2009, Columbia University’s Earth Institute (EI) co-hosted, with the UK’s Tipping Point, British Council USA, and CUNY Institute for Sustainable Cities, a two-day conference at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (NY) which brought together for the first time in the United States leading artists and scientists focused on global climate change. Recognized by participants as a seminal event and a “stimulating and inspirational encounter,” the TippingPoint conference resulted in a number of arts/science partnerships and collaborations including PositiveFeedback, the new arts and climate science consortium led by Columbia University (Earth Institute), New York University (Center for Creative Research) and the City University of New York (Institute for Sustainable Cities). PositiveFeedback kicked off its public outreach in fall 2011, with the 2011 Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Open House on October 1.

The Project:

As the first New York City inter-institutional consortium designed specifically to support the collaborations of artists and scientists focused on climate change, PositiveFeedback will conduct a two-year pilot project on two levels: by providing engagement and research opportunities for artist-scientist collaboration, and by creating an inter-institutional infrastructure to support those and future collaborations. In doing so, PositiveFeedback will bring people together across disciplinary, institutional, and other divides as well as test the potential for longer-term consortium initiatives.

Specifically, the overall goals of PositiveFeedback are to:

1) cultivate and support a community of scientists and artists focused on issues of climate change;
2) provide research assistance
(including funding, workspace, mentorship, networking) for artists and scientists to pursue collaborative investigations;
3) serve as a nexus
for arts/science interest related to climate change.

The next two years of pilot activity will inform the direction of PositiveFeedback as a resource for New York City’s arts and science communities over the next several years.

The Consortium’s activities will create new pathways for artists and scientists to work together on the topic of climate change, model collaborative work in this emerging field of art and science trans-disciplinarity and generate regular documentation of the project’s process and delivery for field-wide dissemination and replication.

Have any questions about us? Contact us here.

Upcoming Events

PositiveFeedback is pleased to announce its first grant from the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation and will be participating in the Marfa Dialogues/NY this coming November.

We will host two events bringing artists and scientists together. The first is an original play, Don’t be Sad, Flying Ace!, performed by Superhero Clubhouse, a sustainable collective of artists and advocates working at the intersection of environmentalism and theater. This educational play, suitable for a family audience, is inspired by Charles Shultz’ iconic beagle and features a dog that perches on his doghouse as waters rise around him. It incorporates leading climate science on topics like sea level rise. The second event will be the latest edition of PositiveFeedback‘s “Art/Science Speed-Dating” – an event designed to bring artists and climate scientists together to determine if there are “sparks” for future interdisciplinary collaboration. Stay tuned for updates on event dates and location!

Marfa Dialogues/NY is an examination of climate change science, environmental activism and artistic practice happening this October and November, 2013 in New York City. A collaboration between the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, Ballroom Marfa and the Public Concern Foundation, Marfa Dialogues/NY will feature 18 Program Partners and a spectrum of exhibitions, performances and interdisciplinary discussions at the intersection of the arts and climate change. www.marfadialogues.org